Golf MKIV TDI Flywheel & Clutch

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So the latest issue with the Golf (yes, yet another!) was severe juddering at around 2000RPM under load. It started intermittently and gradually became a consistent problem. So much so that it almost made the car undriveable. I started researching the issue and came to the conclusion that it must be the dual mass flywheel causing […]

Golf IV TDI Temperature Sensor

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Don’t buy cheap VW temp sensors. I bought a £6 sensor from eBay and I got this fault appear in VAG-COM along with “Emissions Workshop” on the dash. 17664 – Engine Coolant Temp Sensor (G62): Open or Short to Plus P1256 – 35-10 – – – Intermittent The black sensor on the left is the […]

Golf MK4 TDI Turbo Rebuild

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The Golf was suffering from yet more issues recently in the form of a worn turbo. This became apparent when a whirring sound could be heard when accelerating. I decided to replace the CHRA unit which is basically the core working part of the turbo and the vacuum actuator while I’m there. I thought it […]

Triumph TT600 Throttle Balancing

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Having spent a while reading about the throttle bodies on the TT600 I decided to have a go at balancing them. The TT600 suffered from problems on day one with dodgy fuel mappings and lumpy running at low revs. This was improved over the years and was mostly ironed out with better maps but on […]