Booze Festival

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On June 4th the Mann family decided to hold a booze fest! Between us we came up with 20 gallons of ale, bottles and bottles of wine and cider plus a few other bits here and there. We arranged for a finger buffet and had about 40 people round to have a few drinks! Preparations […]

Pit Bike Build

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So i’ve started building a pit bike this year mainly from parts kindly donated by mates. So far this is how it’s looking: First thing that needed doing was to replace the crank in the engine which is a 140cc single. They get put through their paces and this engine was in a friend’s bike. […]

Pale Ale

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I’ve been drinking my latest ale. This time I’ve devised my own recipe using extra pale barley malt extract, wheat extract and 3 varieties of hops; East Kent Goldings, Ahtanum and Hallertauer Hersbrucker. I decided to boil as much water as I can which is about 10 litres with the stock pot we have. The […]

Home Grown Hops

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Well, I decided I would attempt to grow my own hops which should be interesting to use in some of my future ales. The variety I’ve gone for is Challenger. Mainly becuase they are fairly versatile. They’re based on Goldings but they have more resistance to disease so I’ve read. I ordered a hop rhizome […]

Way to Amarillo IPA

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A few weeks ago I made another brew. The kit I’ve got makes up to 40 pints, there’s loads of recipes you can follow or kits you can buy. I’ve basically got all my stuff from The instructions from the site go like this: “Sanitise all equipment and rise before using. Bring 6 litres of water […]