Berlin Marathon

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Berlin wasn’t the first destination that came to mind when I started to think about which marathon to do next. My friend Luke had already decided he was going to attempt it so I said I’d do it with him. Some months later and Luke had to drop out, he had back issues and they […]

Triumph TT600 Throttle Balancing

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Having spent a while reading about the throttle bodies on the TT600 I decided to have a go at balancing them. The TT600 suffered from problems on day one with dodgy fuel mappings and lumpy running at low revs. This was improved over the years and was mostly ironed out with better maps but on […]

Rat Race Dirty Weekend 2014

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I can hardly believe it was a year ago since I did this race the first time. This time training had been going much better although it wasn’t 100% smooth. What I’m going to end up with is a custom orthotic to help support my arches. It’s not what I’d really like to happen but […]