Spitfire 1500 Restoration

Spitfire Chassis Strip Down

So I’ve continued with the Spitfire today. Last week I removed the engine and gearbox along with the radiator.

I removed the engine with ease using an electric winch I was given and my dad has installed in the garage to do just this (or lift motorbikes). I plan to work on the engine and any other mechanical parts or suspension over the winter when the weather isn’t any good for paint spraying.

Today I’ve been concentrating on getting the wheels, brakes, suspension and differential off. I came across a couple of seized bolts and had to grid them off but everything else has come off pretty easily. The chassis just after stripping…

Next weekend I plan on starting to strip the paint and respray the chassis but before I do I needed to give it a good clean. Stripping paint when it’s covered in oil and dirt isn’t going to work too well so an hour or so degreasing and jet washing and this is what I’ve ended up with…

To be fair it actually looks in fairly good condition in this photo but there’s quite a bit fo rust on it. I plan on stripping it right down back to bare metal as much as I can. It seems like the most cost effective way of sandblasting anything is to do it myself. I can buy the equipment needed for about half the price anyone has quoted me. I’ve not sorted out any blasting equipment just yet so I’ll start stripping the chassis with what I have which will be a drill with a strip disc attachment.

I’m going to use a 3 step process for preparing the chassis for top coat and lacquer. POR15 metal ready followed by their rust preventative paint and an etch primer. I’ll do the same with all the suspension components also. For the main bodywork, etch primer should be sufficient, possibly followed by regular high-build primer and top coat.

I’ve had a cold for about two weeks and this nearly finished me off today but it’s quite exciting to finally be heading towards the restoration stage of it rather than just stripping everything down. Once the chassis is done I can start building it back up again.

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