Automotive Surgery

Now it’s really coming on and there’s no turning back. I finished removing everything from the body tub this weekend. The pedals, fuel tank and hand brake cable. Although I hadn’t realised the handbrake cable was still attached to the body initially. We tried to pull the body tub off the chassis and it didn’t get very far.

It’s strange to see what was a complete car a few weeks ago is now in hundreds of parts with the entire body separate from the chassis. The engine and drivetrain still attached to the chassis in what resembles some sort of buggy or giant go kart.

It’s become more and more apparent how much of it is rusting too. Some of the body has rusted right through in places so there’s definitely some welding work to be done. It really is like looking at something you’d see in scrapheap challenge…

You can see how much some parts have started to rust in the next photo which is one I took to jog my memory when it comes to putting the body tub back on the chassis although I’ll probably just get a new mounting kit.

That’s about it for a week or two. I won’t be doing anything to it next weekend as it’s the Rat Race Dirty Weekend event—I’ll be lucky if I’m still able to walk after that!

Next step is to remove the engine and drivetrain, suspension and brakes. Then I can start work on stripping the chassis down and painting it.

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