Event Cancelled

Yesterday afternoon Aaron and I were minutes away from making our way up to the Lake District for the Whinlatter Mountain Bike Challenge. The weather wasn’t looking good but we were still determined to have a go. It wasn’t really about what place we came in the end, it was just about completing the course now. There were reports of 15ft snow drifts in places. If we could cross the finish line in one piece, that’d be a massive achievement in itself. While Aaron was heading over to my house I checked the WMBC twitter feed and read that they’d cancelled it, gutted. Bags were packed, bike was ready and we’d both convinced ourselves we were going to do it regardless of the conditions, oh well. They’ve now postponed the race to April 21st, I can’t make it because my cousin from New Zealand is coming back to the UK for the first time in 4 years, I’m certainly not going to miss that.

I was still eager to do something so instead of the race today I thought I’d have another stab at running 15 miles, off I went…

I managed it in 2 hours 19 minutes this time, 7 minutes faster than my previous best time. Considering a lot of that was through several inches of snow, I reckon that’s pretty good too—I’m quite pleased. Running is definitely something I like doing, I like the challenge of it and its simplicity. I like facing the elements while I’m doing it and the pure sense of freedom that it gives me. I actually think that it brings benefits that go beyond physical ones too. I feel more psychologically balanced as a result of running.

This is what I was up against at times today. Actually by the time I’d gone back to take some photos visibility was getting better and the snow was melting. Some of these drifts were at chest height which are cool to look at but it also meant that I was practically running blind for a few minutes, definitely a new experience. Still, nothing quite like being out in the open.

Time to put my feet up and enjoy an ale.

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