Pale Ale Partial Mash

It’s that time again and I’ve done another partial mash brew to have ready for Christmas. The recipe is below. I should say that I’ve used the terms “mash” and “sparge” pretty loosely here!

  1. Mash 2KG Maris Otter low colour (2.5 EBC) for 90 mins – went for 64°C this time
  2. Sparge (75°C)
  3. Start the 90 minute boil with 30g East Kent Goldings
  4. Add a teaspoon of Irish Moss at 15 mins along with 2KG extra light malt extract
  5. Add 40g Cascade and 50g East Kent Goldings at 10 mins
  6. Strain and cool wort
  7. Add US-05 yeast and ferment for about 10 days
  8. Add 60g Cascade and 20g Goldings to dry hop for around 10 days

This gives an OG of 1.047 which is a good sign. My mashing technique must be fairly effective to get this, I think I’ve hit about 75% efficiency. It should come down to about 1.013 which gives me about 4.5% ABV.

Any escuse to use my GoPro for something. A timelapse video for the whole brew…

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