Building a Bottle Drying Rack

I thought I’d try and build a bottle rack instead of paying £30 for one. Times must be hard when you can’t afford a bottle drying rack for your home brewed ale 😉

Instead of taking photos I also thought I’d use  my SLR to make a film. All done on a Canon 500D with the 60mm Macro lens @ 720p…

To be fair, I had access to some wood that was lying around, all I had to buy was the dowelling and some varnish. The idea behind it is to have somewhere to put 50 odd bottles after they’ve been washed for bottling my latest brew (which I’ve done using my homegrown hops, more on that soon). The end product is pretty sturdy and should last me some time hopefully. All in all it’s cost me about £10 but it’s been fun to make it. My woodworking skills are probably pretty lame but I’m pleased with how it’s turned out.

I was going to screw the base on to start with but decided to use dowels and wood glue. I think screws would have worked loose over time. I’ve yet to test it but it seems pretty solid.

I expect to be bottling this weekend with my latest brew. I’ll be back with some photos of it in use.

5 thoughts on “Building a Bottle Drying Rack

    1. That all depends on what diameter bottles you want to use really. I use 500ml bottles, about 6CM in diameter. Centre post is about 150CM from memory. The dowels are about 10CM apart.

      1. Ok,, I’m using 750 ml wine bottles, I don’t understand the metric system, can you give me feet (center Post) Dowels spacing (Inches) please, I have already started the Base of the stand, just as you did,

          1. Great thanks, I like your design , I am going to put locking wheels on the feet ! that way I can move it around when necessary.

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